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Current version: 17
Update: 2014-04-18
File size: 46.44 Mb
License: Freeware

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Real Player is audio and video player that can reproduce the vast majority of formats (including Flash, Quicktime, MPEG-4, Windows Media and DVD). With Real Player you can play videos in Real formats which makes this media player powerful and unique. It is a must have for every internet user. Download Real Player and you will be able to reproduce all the videos, save them on your gadget, and convert the formats of videos.

Key features:

  • Catalogue photos;
  • Integrate with social networks;
  • Convert video;
  • Browse internet multimedia;
  • Work with iPhone, Blackberry, etc;
  • Mobile and social networking integration available in the latest version;
  • Private folder added;
  • Now compatible with more browsers;

Real Player knows what you need and it is 100% free. It also includes such essential features as CD burning, media management, video editing. Its design is user-friendly and stylish, a library section will help you in organizing your media content. This astounding programme offers you more than 3200 internet radio stations all over the world.

Real Player contains many useful features, provides high-quality video play and requires no registration. Play and share video with your friends through Facebook or Twitter, access it through your gadget or game system. Install it now and enjoy Real player without any limitations.

Real Player

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As for me I like it. It's convinient and handy. Top player for me.


It seems to be a nice stuff. Not very handy if you ask me but it's good after all.
to download movies, videos & songs...


toi use this as with greater speed & also fast downloading, also play when downloading....


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